There’s no doubt about it –a website for your business is absolutely essential. Without one, you are at a significant disadvantage and missing out on a massive opportunity provided by the internet.

It’s pretty simple. With essentially everyone having access to the internet now and 93% of online traffic coming from Google, your website has become your business's storefront.

If your business does not have a website, it’s going to be almost impossible for new customers to find you. It will even be hard for past customers to refer you, as they’ll have nowhere to send people to learn more about your business.

Not having a website for your business in 2019 is like strapping a block of cement to your business. Without one, your business will never be able to grow and reach its full potential. So how will a website help my business, you ask?

Continue reading this post to learn how a website can help your business increase revenues, build a brand, reach new customers, and so much more.

A Website Establishes Brand Credibility

A website is essential for establishing credibility and legitimacy to your business. Just think about it in your own day to day life. If a friend tells you about a great new business that just opened up in your city, but Googling them results in nothing showing up, what kind of impression does that leave you with?

We can assume it’s not a good one and many consumers would agree –30% of consumers won't consider a business without a website. Having a well-designed website will help establish credibility to your business and make a positive first impression on all potential customers.

To take things a step further, there is no better way to build brand credibility than to generate helpful content for your target audience. Content such as blogs, videos, podcasts, webinars, case studies, and white papers will help you build authority and trust with potential customers. This is the entire premise behind Inbound Marketing.

Once you’ve done that, closing a sale becomes so much easier.

A Website Can Help You Increase Revenue

If your business isn’t growing or revenues are falling, the number one thing you can do to turn things around is to invest in a website. That’s because a website can be your best sales tool to generating new business.


Because a website is a centralized place where you don’t have to compete with other brands and people for consumers' attention unlike social media. It’s a place where you can advertise your services and tell your brand’s story just the way you want to.

The potential to increase revenue is possible because a website allows you to generate leads for your business.

Generally, people aren’t going to go directly to your website. Instead, they will likely

Businesses Can Actually Save Money Over the Long Run

A website can be costly, there is no doubt about it. However, the data you can gather from your website’s analytics can make your digital marketing much more efficient. This will save you money in the long run.

For example, say you are investing heavily in Facebook or Instagram ads, but still don’t have a business website up and running.

If you were to build a website, you could install Facebook’s pixel –a piece of code that tracks and matches Facebook users who visit your website and target people who visited your website directly with ads on Facebook or Instagram. The same goes if you have an email list.

This is called re-marketing - and it is significantly more effective at generating leads compared to showing ads to people who have never heard of or interacted with your business.

With such higher conversion rates associated with re-marketing, your ad spend can become much more efficient.

Reach a New Audience of Potential Customers

Without a website, the people your business can serve is limited to your local area. Expanding beyond that is going to be next to impossible.

However, with a website the entire game changes. Your business website will be able to be accessed by anyone in the world, and if you're in e-commerce or professional service industries, you can drastically increase the reach of your business.


A well-designed website is going to be your greatest asset in generating new business.

With website builders like WordPress making life easy for small business owners, there is no reason not to invest in a website for your business.

Bailey Canning is an advertising professional from New Jersey currently living in Boulder, Colorado. He started Inbound Web Development to work directly with businesses to create conversion focused websites & innovative digital marketing campaigns.