In this week’s episode of Business Talks, Zach Lebowitz joins me to discuss his role working at Hulu and gives us an inside look at the streaming video landscape. It was a fun conversation to have and I learned a lot, and I hope you do as well after listening!

Some of the topics we discussed include: 

Zach’s role on the sales team at Hulu and what his day to day looks like managing and optimizing campaigns
An overview of the current streaming video landscape, what trends Zach is seeing, and how each of the competitors are positioning themselves in this space.
How advertisers are leveraging Hulu and it’s unique targeting capabilities to offer more personalized and effective advertisements that resonate with consumers.
What types of industries are seeing a lot of success advertising with Hulu, and how Hulu is able to use data to ensure campaign success. We also talk about typical budgets for running ads on Hulu and you may be surprised at how affordable it can be (especially for local businesses).
What the future of the streaming landscape looks like and what it will take for one of these platforms to win over the long term.

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Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning is a digital marketing consultant & web designer based in Northern New Jersey. Right out of college, he founded Inbound Web Development - a marketing-focused web development firm that helps small businesses generate leads and grow online. Feel free to reach out at to discuss a project, or be featured as a guest on the podcast Business Talks.

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