Welcome back to another episode of Business Talks! For this week’s show, I interviewed my good friend Ethan Shapiro – a real estate broker and entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. Ethan is an Associate Broker with Caldwell Banker and is the world’s first Climate Change Realtor – pledging to donate 50% of all his profits towards organizations that work to mitigate the most devastating effects of climate change.

Some Topics We Discussed Include

  • Ethan’s Real Estate Company and his “Why” for starting it. We dive deep into his marketing strategy, which has a lot of moving parts and combines direct outreach, traditional tactics, and social media marketing as well so he is always in front of prospective clients.
  • Why we started our businesses and the mindset that led us to take the leap
  • Our experience going to business school and whether or not we think it’s worth it still
  • Personal finance and investing advice and why everyone who is young and just starting their careers needs to be hyper-focused on making smart money decisions
  • The value of reading books on a regular basis and why it’s critical to always be learning so you can grow your business
  • Our experiences traveling and how the experiences you have from it can impact your personal and professional life to help you figure out what you want to do

Overall it’s a great conversation and if you like real estate and entrepreneurship, you are going to really enjoy this episode. Ethan puts out a lot of content online, so make sure to check out his own Podcast “Changing The Climate” and his YouTube channel. You can also learn more about him online at ccrboulder.com

Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning is a digital marketing consultant & web designer based in Northern New Jersey. Right out of college, he founded Inbound Web Development - a marketing-focused web development firm that helps small businesses generate leads and grow online. Feel free to reach out at bailey@inboundwebdevelopment.com to discuss a project, or be featured as a guest on the podcast Business Talks.

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