Joining me for this week’s interview is childhood friend Dylan Elias – she recently started her own Charcuterie and Catering company called Plated by D and has had a ton of success right out of the gate. The craziest part is that this has all happened while the Coronavirus Pandemic has forced many businesses to close and unemployment to skyrocket. It’s a classic entrepreneurial tale and goes to show the power of having a vision and working hard to ensure you are successful.

Some of the topics Dylan and I discuss include

  • Dylan’s experience working in the food industry with her father and the lessons she learned there that have helped her on her journey of starting her own business
  • The inspiration for her business idea, what made her take the leap to get started, and how she went all in on quickly setting up her business
  • How she used Instagram (without ads) as the main growth driver behind her business and how she has quickly built up a loyal following on the platform. She talks about how she did it with tactics you can easily start implementing in your own business
  • The operations process behind running a business in the food service industry and what it’s like managing inventory, hiring employees, and hustling to provide great customer service

To keep up with Dylan, make sure to follow her on Instagram at @PlatedbyD and check out her website

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Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning is a digital marketing consultant & web designer based in Northern New Jersey. Right out of college, he founded Inbound Web Development - a marketing-focused web development firm that helps small businesses generate leads and grow online. Feel free to reach out at to discuss a project, or be featured as a guest on the podcast Business Talks.

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