The first step to crushing it with online marketing is to have a real website that can serve as a central hub for all your marketing activities to revolve around.

Your company’s website is the foundation of your entire online marketing strategy.

Get this right and the sky is the limit. Get this wrong, however, and you will constantly be left struggling to figure out how to reap all the benefits you see plenty of businesses experiencing on a daily basis with their digital marketing strategies.

In this video, I explain why it is that your company’s website is the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy. I discuss the mindset you need to have so that you can begin to leverage your website as your most effective sales tool, and what it takes to build a website that delivers marketing results on a consistent basis.

Enjoyed this video? Stay tuned to my channel as I will be releasing a series of videos detailing the entire web design process along with marketing strategies and tactics that will help you finally achieve massive ROI from your digital advertising.

Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning is a digital marketing consultant & web designer based in Northern New Jersey. Right out of college, he founded Inbound Web Development - a marketing-focused web development firm that helps small businesses generate leads and grow online. Feel free to reach out at to discuss a project, or be featured as a guest on the podcast Business Talks.

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