In Phase 4 of the Client’s Guide to the Web Design Process, we cover the “Development” phase. In this phase, you will learn what happens once the design of the website has been finalized and it’s time to get it online.

From the client’s perspective, there isn’t a ton of work to do during this phase. Your main job will be to review how the site looks on the internet compared to the approved website wireframes. This is also a good time to get familiar with the WordPress CMS if you plan on using it after the website is complete.

In this section, we’ll talk about website hosting and what you need to know before choosing a provider. We’ll then have multiple articles on how businesses can benefit from using WordPress as their website development platform.

What You Will Learn

  • An overview of the web development process
  • The basics of website hosting
  • How WordPress works
  • Small business advantages to using WordPress
  • How WordPress speeds up the web development process

Phase 4 Posts

This phase of the web design process covers the technical phase – development. The posts below breakdown everything you need to know about this phase in an easy to understand format.

Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning

Bailey Canning is a digital marketing consultant & web designer based in Northern New Jersey. Right out of college, he founded Inbound Web Development - a marketing-focused web development firm that helps small businesses generate leads and grow online. Feel free to reach out at bailey@inboundwebdevelopment.com to discuss a project, or be featured as a guest on the podcast Business Talks.

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