In Phase 5 of the Client’s Guide to the Web Design Process, we cover the post-launch phase. In this phase, you will learn how to manage and maintain your website once it’s live, as well as how to leverage it as an effective sales tool.

We put this section into the blog series because many of our clients are unaware of what an awesome sales tool their website can be. Websites are no longer brochures of your services, but rather lead generation tools….if you know what you are doing.

In this section, we’ve outlined simple digital marketing strategies that will help you get this most out of your website. We provide you with a list of things to check off before your website is ready to launch. We then detail how you can increase your website’s traffic and visibility with digital marketing and by optimizing for local SEO. Lastly, we discuss how to maintain your website so it can stay up to date.

What You Will Learn

  • Everything you need to do before launching your site
  • How to increase your website’s traffic with digital marketing
  • Tips on maintaining your website¬†
  • How to optimize your website for local SEO so people can find it

Phase 5 Posts

This phase of the web design process covers the post-launch phase. These posts will show you how to maintain your website and digital marketing tactics you can leverage to maximize your site’s ROI.

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