If you're a business owner or marketing professional that's been thinking about redoing your company's website, then you've probably heard of both WordPress and Webflow.

Both of these website development & CMS platforms can help you build a great business website - but which one is truly the best for your company?

This episode of Business Talks aims to help you discover that by looking at both platforms from an honest perspective. I review the pros and cons of each website builder and detail which use cases I believe may prompt you to pick one over another.







How to Choose

Recognize that neither is "best" - it comes down to your company's situation, preferences/needs, and what you ultimately want to achieve.

It's really the Apple vs. Android model - and both IOS and Android are great! Seriously, even if you wanted to it would be quite a challenge at this point to buy a bad phone running IOS or Android due to the maturity of both operating systems. And the same is true here.

Similarly, you could design the same type of website (for the most part) in both Webflow and WordPress. If you’re looking for a more streamlined option that allows you to achieve a higher end design (with custom animations & effects) that's also easier to use and requires less upkeep - go with Webflow.

If you want more control over every aspect of your website and your new website is going to require a lot of advanced functionality (and may need the headroom for more functionality to be added later) and don’t mind the extra work that will come along with this, WordPress could be a great fit.

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Bailey Canning is an advertising professional based in Boulder, Colorado. He started Inbound Web Development to work directly with businesses to create conversion focused websites & innovative digital marketing campaigns.