Joining me for this week’s episode of Business Talks is Joseph Fung - a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple sales companies and is the CEO & Founder of Uvaro, a tech sales career accelerator that helps equip people with the skills they need to have a successful career in B2B tech sales.

Joseph and I had a great talk about how to approach sales in the 21st century. To successfully sell in today’s business environment, you need to focus on your prospects’ needs, wants, and desires and provide helpful content to educate them on your products and services.

Only once you have built a relationship with them can you begin to push for the sale. By listening to this episode, you will discover how to go about creating a helpful, ethical sales strategy that educates your prospects with helpful content that will make your sales strategy much more effective going forward.

Some of the Topics We Discussed Include:

If you liked what you heard from Joe, make sure to check out his company’s website Uvaro to discover how they help people transition into a successful B2B sales career. And if you are looking to learn more about sales, check out the Uvaro YouTube Channel.

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