For our first project, we worked with a custom office furniture manufacturer based in Oakland, New Jersey to design a stunning website from the ground up. Before this project, the client had an unfinished website that was hurting their brand. The website we delivered is bold yet professional with a radiant red color scheme that allows the client to make a memorable first impression to all visitors.

During our initial consultation, we learned that the client was trying to appeal to both B2B and B2C markets. While they had experienced success in B2B, going directly to the consumer was new to them and they did not know how to organize their website to appeal to both target markets.

To help them solve this problem, we designed a simple and easy to navigate user interface that makes it a breeze for both B2B & B2C consumers to come to our client’s website, quickly find the services they’re interested in, and convert into a sales lead.

The best part? We got our client to rank on the first page of Google right away for the search query “Custom Office Furniture Manufacturers NJ”. And we did it without a single blog post!


Advanced Office Furniture Website Build


Advanced Office Furniture

What We Did

Responsive Web Design, UI/UX Design

What We Delivered

We designed this website with two things in mind: Our client’s bottom line and their customers. We developed an intuitive navigation structure that makes it simple for users to find the information they want and quickly get in touch with our client. We even included a way for users to request a quote on the website, speeding up our client’s sales process and estimate workflow.