We worked with a mental health billing professional to create a pixel perfect website that uniquely positions our client in their local market.

Before this project, the client had no website or brand identify, and relied solely on word of mouth to land new business.

Now, they have a beautiful website that informs their target audience of their services, experience, and past work.

Best of all, it looks better than all of their local competitors.

To develop a brand identify, we performed a thorough analysis of our clients business, industry and local competition. We then used this research to provide a brand strategy recommendation.

From the logo design to the color palette  – every creative decision had a rationale behind it. To truly make our client’s website stand out, we took into account the competitive landscape to uniquely position our clients’ core message.

The result? A beautiful, modern website that will be an asset for Clear View Mental Health Billing for years to come.


Clear View Branding & Website Build


Clear View Mental Health Billing

What We Did

Branding | Web Design | Web Development | SEO | Logo Design | Custom Email Setup | WordPress Training

What We Delivered

On the branding side, we created an approachable and clean brand identity that is friendly and effectively communicates our clients’ unique selling proposition. On the web design front, we delivered a modern and engaging website that will appeal to the client’s target market of mental health professionals.