In this video, we’re taking a look at the key considerations that go into developing a modern business website. I discuss the main things companies who are looking to hire a freelancer/agency (or even build their site in-house) must account for to ensure the development of their website is fast, smooth, and efficient. 

Whether you are looking to build the site internally or hire a company, you need to know whoever is in charge of developing the website has a well-thought-out process. Not having a refined web development process will almost certainly result in your project taking much longer than expected and with a lower quality final product. 

Trust me, that’s not something you want. 

So if you’ve been researching building a new website or redesigning your company’s current one, this video will walk you through what a smart development process looks like. By watching, you will have a solid understanding of the technical details that go into developing a website & a simple framework for evaluating potential project partners. 

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Below is an outline of the key topics discussed in the video.

Choosing a CMS Platform

Technical Execution 

Below are the key areas you should be aware of when hiring an agency or freelancer to create a website for your company.


Responsive Design 

Site Speed 

SEO Optimization

Client Edit Set Up 

Testing / Reviewing 

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