This week's podcast covers the top 5 marketing strategies that any small, locally owned business can put into place to get found online in their local area, drive more in-store foot traffic, and increase customer loyalty.

The strategies and tactics discussed in this podcast will help any business owner or marketer working for a local business to focus on the highest ROI marketing actives for their company so that they can make the best of their resources and start seeing results fast.

Two brief disclaimers - While all of these marketing strategies will work, they only do so if your business offers a good product and has a clear idea of who its customers are. Marketing is all about connecting your products or services to the end consumer. If you're product/service is no good, people will quickly find out and begin to ignore your promotional efforts. And if you don't know who you are selling to, then you won't be able to craft a unique message that resonates with your customers and entices them to take action.As long as you've got those two things covered though, you will get a ton of value from this podcast.

Here is a brief overview of the 5 local marketing tactics covered in this podcast:

Bailey Canning is an advertising professional from New Jersey currently living in Boulder, Colorado. He started Inbound Web Development to work directly with businesses to create conversion focused websites & innovative digital marketing campaigns.

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