Networking & Relationship Building 

A podcast offers a golden opportunity to connect with people in your industry who you don’t already know. You would likely be very surprised how little resistance you will receive if you simply start reaching out to known people in your industry to be on your podcast (even if it's just starting with no audience). 

Having a podcast also offers an opportunity to reconnect with former coworkers & colleagues. There are so many great people out there who you’ve likely met through a past job and don’t necessarily have a business reason to reach out to them. With the podcast, you now have that. 

All of this is especially true if you or your company operate in a primarily remote environment where meeting & connecting with people is extremely difficult. The podcast solves this. This factor is also important for young professionals who are working from home often and who will have a much harder time networking in their field compared to past generations. 

Content Production

An interview-driven podcast is an incredible content production tool. It allows your company to consistently develop quality content week after week across multiple platforms. 

Every podcast episode is automatically a full-length episode that people can consume on either YouTube or their favorite podcast platform. 

Each podcast episode also receives its own dedicated blog post on your website. So you not only get a full-length video & audio piece of content but also a written article that can drive SEO benefits long-term. 

From there, you can easily repurpose clips of the podcast across social media. Video also tends to get the best engagement on social media, so it can dramatically increase the number of eyeballs your company receives online. 

Finally, if you’ve also been building an email list (in future solo pods I’ll discuss how to approach this) you can also send an email out to your list announcing whenever a new podcast goes live. 

Free Business Consulting 

The sneakiest thing about having an interview-driven podcast in the service-provider space is that it's a way for you and your company to receive free consulting advice. 

A podcast lets you connect with experts in your field who are ahead of where you may be at now and ask whatever questions you have during the interview. 

It’s not uncommon for very successful entrepreneurs or high-level CEOs to charge hundreds of dollars for just a single hour of consulting. By booking a 1-hour calendar invite to record a podcast, you can essentially get a free hour of consulting on top of the relationship & content benefits mentioned previously. 

Improve Your Communication Skills 

Having a podcast and regularly interviewing people will improve even the most natural socialite's conversation skills. No one is good at this when they first start, but over time you will definitely learn to speak clearer and more directly with fewer filter words. 

You will also become much better at leading a conversation and asking interesting questions of people which leads to better conversations. Of course, this all has direct benefits outside of business as well. 

Sales & Lead Generation 

Unless you have a very big audience (which is not necessary at all if you plan to use your podcast as a marketing channel for your business compared to a primary income revenue stream) it is likely that the leads you will come through your guests. 

The guests you have on your show can either become a client down the road or serve as a referral partner for your business

For prospects that already know about your business, a podcast is a terrific engagement channel. The medium of audio (especially when listened to in someone’s headphones) or YouTube conveys expert-level trust and authority. You can expect the conversion rates to increase for people who go through your sales pipeline that have listened to your podcast in the past. 

Learn More

If you are intrigued by everything I discussed here today but don’t want to jump into setting up a podcast - I have good news. A great way to to experience similar benefits to what I discussed above is to pursue a guest podcasting strategy to promote yourself and your company. 

Guest podcasting is exactly what it sounds like - you appear as a guest on other people’s podcasts. And you can experience similar benefits to having your own podcast without having to build out the entire infrastructure to get a show up and running. 

So if that sounds interesting to you, go back and listen to last week’s episode where I interviewed Dustin Riechman of Simple Success Coaching on his guest podcasting strategy and the results its had for him and his clients. 

Guest podcasting is just one part of his “Partnership Marketing Strategy” so you will be sure to learn a bunch of other stuff when it comes to networking to generate new business.

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