Upgrading The Technology Infrastructure of an IT Company's Website

Project Overview

Coban Computer Solutions is a premium Managed IT Services Provider located in Northern New Jersey. The company provides high-quality IT support to a wide variety of businesses & organizations tailored to their client's industry and budget. In over 15 years of business, CCS has achieved a 99% client-retention rate by providing excellent IT services throughout the NYC metropolitan area and is recognized as a top IT support provider by winning North Jersey's Best of Bergen award multiple years in a row.

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Website Build / Marketing Strategy & Execution




Coban Computer Solutions

What We Did

Website Build / Marketing Strategy & Execution
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When CCS approached us to partner with them on their marketing strategy, we were excited by the opportunity. Our team is full of technology enthusiasts, so we jumped at the chance to help Coban Computers have an even bigger impact in their local market by enabling more businesses to grow thanks to the benefits of technology. Initially, it looked like this would primarily be a digital marketing engagement. However, as time went on, it became clear that the company's website needed an overhaul to accommodate its growing marketing needs.

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Our team implemented a two-pronged strategy to help CCS achieve their business goals. First, we worked to develop high-quality resources to attract traffic to the website and generate leads. While this was happening, we worked in the background on a fresh new design for the company's website. Once we got approval on the new design, we developed it using a modern WordPress framework that gives Coban Computers far more control & flexibility than they had ever had compared to their previous website.

High-Tech Web Design

A Brand Building Approach To Web Design

Browse through a couple of IT support company websites, and we bet you will quickly notice a common theme. Most feature dull design, make little effort to clearly explain their services to a non-technical audience, and fail to make a personal connection.

When redesigning our client's website, our goal was to take a blue-ocean approach and use the design & content of the new website to completely reimagine what an IT company's website could be.

To accomplish this, we used bold colors and rounded corners on all design elements to create an attractive design. We also focused the copy on the benefits their clients receive, rather than technical features that fail to resonate. This combination of great design with impactful copy has given our client an excellent, well-rounded website primed to produce business results.

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Benefit Driven Service Pages

Revamped Service Pages That Clearly Explain Our Clients IT Services

To help CCS stand out in a crowded field of IT companies, we knew we needed to take a different approach when describing their services. As we looked at competitor websites, we noticed their service pages were full of technical jargon that failed to make a connection with their target audience.

To create more effective service pages, we created several pages detailing their core offerings of IT management, security, and online backups. And to make the company’s message stand out, we focused on the end-benefits to businesses rather then technical features.

The result is easy to understand service pages that make it very clear to business owners exactly what they get when they hire CCS.

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Dedicated SEO Pages

Local Service Pages To Rank For High-Value Local Keywords

As a local business, our client was very interested in the possibility of ranking for relevant keywords to their business with an SEO campaign. To help CCS achieve this, we put together a well-rounded SEO strategy to rank for the services they provide in their addressable market.

The key pillar of this strategy was to develop custom local service pages aimed at ranking for specifically local SEO keywords. These pages feature custom SEO-optimized copy and a well-thought-out content structure.

Because of this, prospective clients can organically find the CCS website through Google and quickly get up to speed on everything the company offers.

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Quality Blog Content Production

Helpful Blogs To Explain Key IT Concepts To Potential Clients

Blogs are a terrific way to build trust and authority with your website visitors while educating them on the services you offer. They have tremendous SEO value, and by covering the right topics, you can assure that they align with your sales efforts to turn strangers into new clients & customers.

In this case, we concentrated on covering foundational IT concepts suitable for a general audience. Instead of getting bogged down in the technical details, we focused on describing why these IT services are essential and the end benefits to businesses.

This strategy has allowed the blog to become an excellent resource for helping people learn more about IT and giving them the confidence to outsource its IT operations.

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Lead Generating Resources

A Lead Magnet To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

Content is an essential resource when it comes to modern marketing. High-quality content is necessary at every stage of the marketing journey - from generating traffic, driving leads, and ultimately building a brand seen as a trusted, expert resource within its industry.

But how can you use content to generate leads?

Simply by offering a quality content resource that can only be downloaded in exchange for a website visitor's name and email address. This marketing objective is precisely what a lead magnet is used for, and it gives our clients the ability to follow up and nurture sales prospects with automated email marketing.

In this case, we put together an "IT outsourcing checklist," which explains to people looking to hire IT support everything they need to know (in a non-technical manner) how to do just that.

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

The End Result

Because of our strategic approach to CCS’ online marketing strategy, we were able to help them quickly redesign their website with a modern web framework while working on several other marketing initatives simultatenosly. Once the initial site build was complete (in just a few short weeks), we then performed a thorough SEO discovery process to create a sitemap to rank for all the core keywords realted to the firm’s services in their local service area. This sitemap represents the company’s long-term web development roadmap, and ever since we’ve worked with them on a marketing campaign across SEO, Paid Traffic, Content Production, and Email Marketing to help them grow their business and leverage their website as a true digital sales tool.

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“Inbound Web Development is a One Stop Shop For Our Digital Marketing Needs”

From web development, Google Ads, and increasing our SEO presence, the team at Inbound Web Development has been tacking every angle and aspect of our digital marketing strategy. Bailey is excellent work with with and pays attention to detail. Highly recommend reaching out to them for your digital marketing needs.

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Coban Computer Solutions

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