A Modern Marketing Strategy For a Modern Architecture Studio

Project Overview

Ten Seventy Architecture is a modern architecture studio based in San Diego, California. They specialize in building modern & minimalist custom homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). They help people who love modern architecture overcome the challenges of building their dream home by offering an integrated design and permitting process to elevate their lives to new heights. With over a decade of experience designing modern custom homes in Southern California, the company has established itself as an industry-leading leading modern architecture studio.

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Website Build / Marketing Strategy & Execution




Ten Seventy Architecture

What We Did

Brand Development / Website Build / Marketing Strategy & Execution
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When we were first approached for this project, Ten Seventy Architecture was looking to create a proper digital marketing strategy that could fuel long-term growth for their company. Previously, they found success with various marketing tactics but lacked a proper digital strategy direction. Their website at the time did a good job of displaying their past projects, but it was basically just a simple portfolio website. It was not very customizable and lacked a lot of advanced features taken for granted by a modern website/CMS solution. Knowing this, we knew an overhaul of their website would be in order.

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The first step to helping Ten Seventy Architecture was to establish a proper digital marketing foundation. Only then could we move forward with an online marketing plan aimed at driving traffic & generating leads. In the first phase of this engagement, we designed & developed a custom marketing-focused website that could serve as their primary online marketing & sales asset. Once completed, we continued to work with the company to develop a well-rounded online marketing strategy across paid ads, content production, SEO, and email marketing.

A Modern Website

A Custom Designed Website To Match Our The Studio's High-End Positioning

San Diego homeowners go to Ten Seventy Architecture for help designing & building custom, high-end modern homes. Its website needed to feature an excellent design that matches its brand. The design had to communicate instant authority to show visitors that the studio has the design chops to help them design the home of their dreams.

We took this to heart when it came to developing the design of their new website. We kept things very minimalist with all-white backgrounds, clean layouts, and straightforward typography.

To add visual interest, we used inspiration from "Neumorphic" design to add shadows to elements that add depth to important components on the site (as well as being unique). Using Webflow, we created several cool animations & interactions that make browsing the website a memorable experience.

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New Logo & Updated Branding

Revamped Branding To Kick Off The Next Phase of The Company

When redesigning a company's website, it often makes sense to explore updating the branding as well. For this project, this was especially important since Ten Seventy Architecture works in a competitive industry where design is essential for being taken seriously. While the company already had solid branding, it was nearly a decade old, and it was time for a slight refresh.

To accomplish this, we worked with one of our favorite logo designers to help them create a stunning new logo and brand identity. We also created an animated version that helped us achieve a minimal homepage design for added effect. Our team also tweaked the typographic styles used in the marketing assets to add extra visual flair.

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Sortable Portfolio & Custom Case Studies

A Stunning Interactive Portfolio With Custom Case Studies

For architecture studios, their past work is critical to landing new work. That's why we knew it was essential to create an easy-to-navigate portfolio so people could find relevant projects to ones they are considering. And instead of using a one-size-fits-all template, we designed custom layouts for Ten Seventy Architecture's most important architectural projects.

The portfolio allows the company to show off its best work. It demonstrates how their studio helps its clients achieve their lifestyle goals through modern architecture & home design. These case studies feature high-quality photos and videos, key explanations from the design process, and interactive features that make scrolling through these projects a joy.

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Quality Content Resources to Generate Leads

Helpful Lead Magnets For Building a Marketing Flywheel

Once we launched the new website, it was time to focus on a marketing plan to drive traffic and generate consistent project leads.

To do this, we worked with the company to create multiple lead magnet offers. A lead magnet is simply a valuable piece of content that can be downloaded by exchanging a name & email address. By setting up this marketing offer, the company can capture the contact info of prospective clients coming to the website.

Initially, we helped them create a "Dream Home Guide" that explains the architecture process to prospective clients. The guide also features helpful tips & tricks for reducing costs and securing extra design value. We later helped them create a new lead magnet called "An Illustrated Guide to San Diego's ADU Regulations" that clearly explains the city's code for building ADU units.

These lead magnets consistently get 20-30 downloads per month and allows Ten Seventy Architecture to have a steady stream of inbound project leads.

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Paid Traffic to Drive Consistent Traffic

Online Ads To Generate Consistent, Quality Traffic

To get the lead magnets in front of people considering the types of architecture projects the company works on, we used Google Ads. This way, whenever someone in the local area was researching a new home or ADU project, one of our client's guides shows up at the top of the search results.

To date, the ads have performed exceptionally well and are outperforming all KPIs & industry averages by a long shot. By generating leads when people are just starting to research a project, we can then use an automated email marketing system to nurture project leads into paying clients.

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Content Production for Long-Term Brand Building & SEO

SEO Optimized Content To Build Online Authority

Consistent content production is essential to drive traffic to your website. And it allows you to develop trust, authority, and likability with people coming to the website. Simply put, creating content isn't optional in today's online marketing world - it's a necessity.

We worked closely with Ten Seventy Architecture to develop an SEO-optimized content strategy. They would give us a list of topics they wanted to cover, and we would do SEO research to identify the traffic & ranking potential of keywords people were searching for in the local area. This way, Ten Seventy Architecture could create content in demand and rank on Google.

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Email Marketing To Complete The Flywheel

Email Marketing To Complete The Flywheel

Once you start to generate leads, how do you begin to nurture them so they actually end up becoming a paying client? The answer is email marketing. 

To go along with the lead magnet & content production, we also created several email automations that work to nurture leads and move them down the sales funnel. Because of this, the company now spends less time on administrative sales tasks because a significant portion has been automated.

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The End Result

After redesigning Ten Seventy Architecture’s website from the ground up, this modern architecture studio had everything it needed to embark on a growth marketing campaign to drive traffic & generate leads. Ever since completing the redesign of their website, we’ve worked with them to implement a results oriented digital marketing strategy across SEO, Paid Traffic, Content Production, and Email Marketing. The result is that the firm has been consistently generating 20-30 high-quality project leads per month and has been able to hire multiple new employees to keep pace with the increased demand.

Don’t Take Our Word For It - Just See What Our Client Had TO Say

“I have hired 3 employees as a direct result of their marketing efforts"

“I've been working with Inbound Web Development for a few years now. Because of their marketing expertise + attention to detail, my pool of potential clients has exponentially increased to the point where I can be selective in whom I work with. Their efforts have resulted in my website being on the front page of Google searches for most of my targeted keyword searches. Since working them, I have hired 3 employees as a direct result of their marketing efforts. I highly recommend Inbound Web Development if you own a business that can improve by getting more online leads.”

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Ten Seventy Architecture

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