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Project Overview

JMA Architects is a small, diversified local architectural office based in Northern New Jersey that provides both residential and commercial services to its clients. What separates JMA Architects from its local competitors is its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and providing an excellent client experience. With over 35 years of experience, their track record speaks for itself.

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JMA Architects

What We Did

Custom Website Design
Photo of residential architecture project by JMA Architects
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When we first approached JMA Architects about rebuilding their website, their current website was simply not getting the job done. While it did have excellent SEO authority, the site was old and outdated. It was a custom-coded website that wasn't integrated with a CMS platform (giving our client no ability to update the website). The site was built long before responsive mobile design became a necessity. Because of this, the website was not functional on phones or tablets, severely hurting our client's ability to leverage the website as its primary marketing tool to generate new project leads.

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To get this project done right, we knew we needed to completely rebuild our client's website - both from a design and infrastructure standpoint. To do this, we settled on using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) - which would give JMA Architects the ability to easily add and update content throughout the website once it was live. Our team then started planning a brand new content strategy for the website. This way, the website would properly tell the company's story, describe its core services, and allow clients to engage with content with the goal of turning website visitors into new project leads.

Creative Web Design

A Bold, Dark Design That Stands Out From the Competition

As a highly visual industry, there is no doubt that an architecture firm's website needs to feature an incredible design that can differentiate the firm from its competitors. We implemented a "dark-mode" style design throughout the entire website to achieve this.

While most websites feature a white background as the default, this website features only off-black backgrounds. Because of this, visitors instantly take notice of the website as soon as it loads and are immediately intrigued. This dark mode color scheme adds a premium look and feel to the website with just a simple color scheme.

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Professional Photography

Large, Interactive Photography For a Bold Impression

When it comes to architecture websites, high-quality photos of past projects are essential. They are one of the best marketing assets an architecture firm can invest in to generate new business.

JMA Architects provided us with superb photography perfect for creating a high-end website. We took it to the next level by incorporating it into several interactive photo galleries with beautiful animations that gave the website a premium look & feel.

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A Beautiful, Sortable Portfolio

An Awesome Architecture Portfolio with CMS Template

An essential component of any effective architecture website will always include a well-designed portfolio of past projects. We worked with JMA Architects to coordinate all the content to create compelling case studies of their past work and organize it into a sortable portfolio that lets people filter by residential vs. commercial projects.

We then took it one step further by connecting it to WordPress's CMS, allowing JMA Architects to add new projects without any assistance from us. Because of this, the company can now keep their website fresh with new projects - which is essential for helping them demonstrate their expertise and land new clients.

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Job Application Pages

Setting the Website Up To Attract High-Quality Architecture Talent

For an architecture firm to deliver impressive work to its clients, it needs equally impressive talent behind it. During our time working together on this project, JMA Architects informed us that they were looking to grow their firm by hiring additional staff.

To help them achieve this goal, we built out a careers page that links out to several job application postings. We then designed & developed a job post template, so in the future, the company could easily add new job listings to the website whenever they need.

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A New Company Blog

A News Blog To Show People Photos of Their In-Progress Projects

Believe it or not, there are several different ways a company can leverage a blog to build trust, authority, and expertise with its target audience. JMA Architects wanted to leverage the blog not as a content resource but rather as a news hub where they could post updates on projects that were currently in construction.

To accomplish this, we developed a photography-based blog that lets the company easily upload photos of their in-progress projects and provide brief updates on what is currently happening. Think of it as an Instagram-inspired blog. This way, they can quickly add fresh content to the website, and they don't have to wait for projects to finish before adding photos of them to the portfolio section of the website.

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

The End Result

Once the website launched, our client immediately began seeing an increase in the amount of inbound leads being generated through the website. They even mentioned that several prospects told them directly they were impressed by the office’s new website during sales conversations. The new website has been an excellent digital sales tool for JMA Architects that has allowed them to hire new employees and build up a steady stream of active projects to keep them busy. And because of the technical best practices we implemented while developing the website, the site has increased its already strong SEO presence resulting in more qualified web traffic from prospects in the local area.

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