A Clear-Eyed Website & Branding Project That Made a Difference

Project Overview

Clear View Mental Health Billing is a medical billing company that helps mental health professionals (such as Psychologists, Social Workers, and Psychiatrists) run a successful practice and achieve total peace of mind regarding their practice's finances. By having Clear View handle the medical billing & administrative work, mental health providers can bring their firm from chaos to calm and provide the best level of service possible to their clients.

Project Type

Branding / Website Build




Clear View Mental Health Billing

What We Did

Bran Development / Custom Website Design
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Tackling our first ever project, we were thrilled at the opportunity to help a local mental health service expand its influence. As firm believers in the importance of mental health, we knew we could help people get the best possible care by working with Clear View. While the company had over twenty years of experience in the competitive business climate of the tri-state area, it had grown without a website or well-established brand image. To help the company develop the proper online foundation to generate inbound leads, our team got to work creating a bold brand identity and sleek website.

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We love projects where we get to build an entirely new company identity & website from the ground up. Working closely with Clear View, we learned their story and the end benefits their clients receive when working with them. Our team took these findings to create a content strategy for the website that would clearly explain what sets the company apart and why they are the best mental health billing service in the local area. Once our team nailed down the content strategy, we designed a new logo & color scheme to amplify this message. After getting approval on the new branding, we developed a pixel-perfect WordPress website that looks like no other medical billing website.

Eye-Catching New Logo

Quickly Grabbing People's Attention With a Unique Logo

It was important that Clear View Mental Health Billing have a professional logo in a very traditional industry. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we wanted the logo to communicate the benefit of our client's services in just a single logo image.

To do this, we created a one-of-a-kind logo where clear sunny skies are visible as you look through a window into your mental health practice's potential future. This imagery communicates that clarity and calm are ahead when you work with Clear View to manage your practice's billing.

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A Beautiful Blue Color Scheme

A Color Scheme Perfect For Connecting with Mental Health Professionals

The last thing we wanted was to stick to the uninspiring color scheme featured on many financial services websites. Yet, given the industry, we still needed to establish a clean, conservative design for the company to be taken seriously.

We used lots of white space to achieve a clean look to catch people's attention while staying true to industry norms. Then, we implemented a bright blue color scheme with several gradient combinations on clean white backgrounds to create a beautiful design for the new website. This blue color scheme works perfectly for the mental health industry and allows our client to achieve a memorable brand image thanks to its differentiated branding.

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An Amazing New Website

A Pixel-Perfect, Responsive WordPress Website

Finally, let's talk about the website. Our team worked hand-in-hand with Clear View Mental Health Billing to nail down the key messages the website should communicate to stand out against local competitors. We focused significantly on the content (as always) and wrote excellent copy that clearly explains its unique value proposition, services, and the benefits it offers its clients.

Once the design & copy was complete, we used WordPress to create a fully responsive small business website that would allow our client to generate leads. A key design feature was to implement a waved cutout design on important sections - communicating friendliness and innovation.

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

The End Result

Working closely with our client at Clear View Mental Health Billing, we helped the company establish a premium brand identity from scratch. Then, we designed & developed a brand new website from the ground up that positions the company as a high-end service-provider in the highly competitive Bergen County area. The company now has eye-catching branding and a sleek website that helps it easily stand out and be remembered to help it land new clients.

Don’t Take Our Word For It - Just See What Our Client Had TO Say

"I Highly Recommend Inbound Web Development"

Bailey helped me design a new website for my billing business. He was very knowledgeable, creative and attentive to my needs and responded pretty much immediately to any questions I had. He helped me create a website with an eye on detail and it worked. I have received many inquiries in the last two years. Thanks for all your help.

Maureen L.
Clear View Mental Health Billing

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