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Project Overview

The Parent Athletic Committee (PAC) is a volunteer-led, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting athletics at Indian Hills High School in Oakland, New Jersey. They help raise money for all sports at the school through their membership program, selling merchandise, and organizing awards dinners.

They came to us to modernize their operations and see how they could use a website to serve the local community better. We listened to their needs and helped them develop an action plan to leverage a website to achieve their goals.

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eCommerce Website Build


Education / Non-Profit


The Parent Athletic Committee at Indian Hills High School

What We Did

Custom Website Design
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When we first started working with PAC, they had a very simple website that was not helping them accomplish any of their organizational objectives. Their membership program (the primary fundraising tool of the organization) was sold offline and the process was difficult for both families and volunteers to manage. The organization also sold athletic apparel to the local community, but without any eCommerce functionality on their website, they were limited to selling at in-person sporting events. Seeing these challenges, our team looked to develop a website that would not only tell the Organization’s story and mission, but also provide them with the technical features they would need to grow online.

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To enable the Parent Athletic Committee to accomplish their organization's mission, we created a beautiful WordPress website that gives the organization a platform to easily reach the local community and promote athletics at IHHS. The website features a digital membership system that allows people to sign up and pay for their membership online. We also built a full eComm shop, allowing parents and students to purchase school merchandise and clothing online. People can also buy tickets to the awards dinners held at the end of every season. This has allowed the organization to see significantly improved membership & apparel sales, all while making it easier for volunteers to manage & process payments.

Awesome Web Design

A Brand New eCommerce Website That Turns Heads

The website we designed has transformed the organization's ability to generate awareness about new initiatives they sponsor at the school and the local community.

The website's design leverages the multiple bright colors of blue, yellow, and red that the school uses as its color scheme to create an impactful design that catches people's attention. We also included large photography of the school and athletics teams to create an engaging website that is helping the organization achieve its mission.

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Easy Membership Sign Up

Digital Memberships That Funds The Organization's Mission

This organization's membership program allows parents to fund their children's sports and receive additional benefits throughout the year. The proceeds generated from the memberships go towards funding sports dinners, scholarships, and new construction initiatives.

By making this membership program digital, we've helped the organization increase sign-ups by making it super easy for parents to learn about the benefits it offers and quickly sign up and send payment with an online form.

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Fully Featured Online Store

Helping The Community Get Access To The Latest Sports Apparel

Another significant revenue driver for the organization was its inventory sales of clothing apparel items featuring its sport's branding. Before the website, the volunteers had to sell all apparel at sporting events manually. And there was no streamlined process for managing or updating inventory.

To help solve this, we created a fully-featured eCommerce section of the website that lets all community members buy sports clothing online. Now, the organization generates more revenue from apparel sales, and community members can easily buy the season's latest clothing items online.

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Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

The End Result

With an eCommerce website featuring modern design, the Parent Athletic Committee at Indian Hills High School now has an incredible digital tool to help them achieve their mission of support the school’s athletics program. The website has helped the organization raise more money, recruit more volunteers, and ultimate increase the impact they’ve had on the local community. It’s also made processing new membership sign ups & merchandise sales much easier on the volunteers, leading to much less time-consuming administrative work than was required in the past.

Don’t Take Our Word For It - Just See What Our Client Had TO Say

"We are thrilled with how our website turned out”

Inbound Web Development helped us create a beautiful website that will make us much more effective in promoting athletics at Indian Hills High School. Before the website, we had a hard time getting the word out about our programs, events and selling school spirit wear. Now, we have a professional website that promotes our mission and allows us to sell memberships, products, and tickets online. The website has also streamlined the administrative work that needs to be done by our volunteers, meaning we can now do a better job supporting athletics and spreading awareness with less time and effort.

Mary M.
Indian Hills Parent Athletic Committee

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