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Project Overview

RAC Builders is a General Contracting company based in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. For over 20 years, they've helped New Jersey homeowners design & build the homes they've always wanted by constructing new homes or remodeling their existing ones. RAC Builders is an old-school company that prides itself on delivering quality work and the excellent service they offer their clients.

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Branding / Website Build




RAC Builders

What We Did

Branding / Custom Website Design
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When RAC Builders approached us, the company had no online presence. For the past 20 years, the company has grown exclusively through word of mouth and referrals. While this was a testament to its outstanding craftsmanship, it was not the ideal way to generate new business. That's why they came to us looking to build a new website that would allow them to cover all their digital bases. Our team was excited at the opportunity. We love being able to create new branding from scratch. And after seeing first-hand the excellent design & construction work RAC Builders was providing its clients, we knew this was a company we wanted to amplify with advertising.

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Given the situation on the ground, it was clear what marketing work our team would do. RAC Builders needed to develop its brand, and then it required a marketing-focused website to be able to generate steady leads. First, we took care of the branding by creating a brand new logo and original color scheme that balances classic appeal with fresh design esthetics. Then, we developed a custom Webflow website with several key pages. Once launched, the site was a one-stop resource for people to learn about the company's story, see what projects they help homeowners with, view their past work, and a how to get started on a new construction project.

Fresh Branding

A Classic Brand Image With A Timeless Appeal

As a company located in the heart of Bergen County, NJ, RAC Builders services some of the wealthiest clients in the country. As such, we wanted to appeal to this core demographic by designing a brand image with classic appeal, along with a modern twist, that shows the company can offer excellent home design & construction services.

To accomplish our branding objectives, we designed a new logo with an elegant cursive font that was still easily legible. We then created a complementary color scheme featuring a vibrant gradient red and a soft beige color that adds a warmth that we noticed was lacking on competitor websites.

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Custom Webflow Website

A Pixel-Perfect Construction Company Website

Once we had the new design guidelines for the brand ready, the next step was getting to work on the website. Since our client had no online presence, our goal was to correct that as soon as possible while still delivering a great website to them. Our team set out to build a "launchpad" website to accomplish this.

These types of sites feature the core pages every business website needs to drive traffic, tell its story, and generate leads. We created a custom design for seven pages and showed the company precisely what these pages would like once live on the internet with Figma's design tool.

Once we got approval to move forward, we used Webflow to develop the custom designs into live code quickly.

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A Beautiful Construction Portfolio

A Simple, Easy-To-Navigate Portfolio Resource

When it comes to the construction industry, prospective clients want to see a company's past work before making a hiring decision. Pretty understandable, if you ask us.

Knowing this, we set out to create a beautiful portfolio showcasing RAC Builders' past work. Thankfully we were provided with large, high-resolution photography of several of their past projects, making our job a lot easier. The end result of this portfolio is a great sales tool that the company can leverage to land new work. And as time goes on, they can easily add projects thanks to Webflow's easy-to-use CMS.

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Client Friendly CMS

Custom CMS For Easy Site Management

Once we completed the project, our client would handle their marketing in-house. Because of this, they needed to be able to update their website with new content and make basic updates. Not being able to do this would eventually leave their website outdated and unable to help them achieve their marketing goals.

To make it easy for them to manage their website, we used Webflow's CMS to build out custom post types and fields that allow our client to easily add new content (like portfolio projects and new testimonials, as well as basic copy edits. All this, without any technical expertise required.

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

The End Result

RAC Builders brand new website was expertly crafted to be a digital sales tool that allows them to streamline their sales process and close higher value projects. Because of our strategic branding & web development work, RAC Builders has a unique positioning & messaging strategy in the local market that enables them to instantly stand out from its competitors online. Their also able to easily manage & update their website however they need (such as adding new projects) without having to hire a pricey developer because of the way we set up Webflow’s CMS.

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