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Project Overview

Smart Fleet is a family-owned and operated company specializing in GPS-based products, including GPS trackers, dash cameras, and field service management software. Smart Fleet's robust, easy-to-use digital solutions let Fleet operators manage their drivers anywhere and offer several other tools that save businesses money while streamlining their operational workflow. As a large, family-owned company, Smart Fleet provides its customers with the best of both worlds with the resources necessary to serve them professionally but remains small enough to provide best-in-class customer support.

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Website Build / Marketing Strategy




Smart Fleet

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Custom Website Design / Marketing Strategy
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Smart Fleet's reached out to us because they knew the importance of having a great website but struggled to get results from their current one. Their initial site lacked great design and did not communicate the business's unique value proposition. And after years of having several different people taking turns managing the website, it had gone untouched for a long time. By the time we arrived on the scene, their WordPress website required heavy optimizations & updates just to get it back to baseline. Lastly, the site was running extremely slow and was being penalized by Google's newly released Core Web Vitals update. This algorithm update started placing site speed as an increasingly significant SEO ranking factor. Given the scope of issues, our team was excited by the opportunity to put together a lean strategy focusing on only the essentials to get the company's website into shape quickly.

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The objective of this engagement was to revamp Smart Fleet's website to include several new pages & content pieces that would help the company leverage its website as its top-performing sales and marketing tool. Fortunately, the site had been built using a popular WordPress framework that our team was familiar with, so we got a head start by not having to rebuild the entire website from scratch. Our team focused its efforts on optimizing the website's technical SEO foundation and performing several website speed optimizations to improve the website's SEO rankings. While these technical optimizations were going on in the background, we designed & developed several new website pages. By the time our team completed the project, Smart Fleet's website had everything needed to generate new business.

Redesigned Homepage

A New Homepage That Tells The Company's Story

The first thing our team set out to do was revamp the company's homepage. At the time, it featured a lackluster design that failed to match the exciting nature of its products & services. Further, there was no coherent content strategy that quickly explained to visitors what makes Smart Fleet different and how they can benefit their prospective customer's company.

To address this, we put together a brand new home page with a well-designed user flow that offers content specifically for where people are in their buyer's journey. We explained the story behind the company, quickly detailed the core benefits it offers its customers and provided several avenues for people to visit product pages or engage with content.

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Dedicated Service Pages

Fresh Service Pages That Show Off The Company's Innovative Products

A company's homepage is essential for making a great first impression and convincing people to stick around. Still, we knew we couldn't just create a new homepage and call it a day for Smart Fleet to leverage its website as a marketing machine.

So, we got to work creating dedicated service pages for their main GPS Tracking & Fleet Management products. These pages show off the remarkable nature of their products and give prospective customers tons of details on the technical features of their products. We also focused heavily on the customer's end benefits with engaging copy and video assets to entice people to book a demo and try out the products for themselves.

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Content Assets

Content Marketing Assets For Driving Traffic & Leads

Building website pages are essential for describing a company's products & services. However, that's not the only thing a website needs to produce reliable business results.

In a world where content is king, we knew we would have to help Smart Fleet develop content assets that drive traffic and generate leads. Without this, their website would fail to be an effective sales tool.

So, we worked with the company to create a brand new blog design and added several new blogs to drive organic traffic. We also helped them put together a premium piece of gated content (we call this a lead magnet), allowing them to generate leads that their sales team could then nurture from there.

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Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

Visual Mockup of Project Feature

The End Result

We helped Smart Fleet gain an advantage in an extremely competitive field by giving their website a complete overhaul and helping them produce content assets they can leverage in their marketing going forward. The website now features high-end design that speaks to the innovate solutions they offer their own customers. We also performed a full site-audit and technical optimization so it loads lightning fast and complies with Google’s latest SEO best practices. The Smart Fleet website can now serve as the company’s online marketing hub as well as highly effective digital tool the sales team can leverage in their outreach & meetings.

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